Acute 2 Root™ Foundations

Acute 2 Root™ Foundations is our way of doing medicine differently.

We empower you on your health journey so that you can thrive at 85 years old and beyond.  We achieve this through Education and Building Relationship. 

Educationally, we are hoping to improve health literacy by providing you a strong foundation in Lifestyle Medicine. 

Relationally, we are hoping that you build a better relationship with:

    • Yourself – understanding the “why” behind your moment-to-moment decisions.
    • Your health – understanding evidence based approaches to creating a strong foundation of health.
    • Our community – doing medicine differently can not be done alone. 

By learning more about how your body works, you will learn how to optimize your body’s exposures. Every day, your body is exposed to so much including food, sleep, stress, interactions with others and it affects our bodies and who we are.

What is the outcome of working with us? You will feel healthier, have more energy, reduce the possibility of developing a chronic disease and you may even lose a good bit of weight along the way (if that’s your goal!). Our approach avoids a list of rules (unless you like making those on your own!) using education to drive change which drives sustainable outcomes.

When armed with knowledge, it is hard to look at your plate the same way, avoid activity or watch endless amounts of TV. Ready to learn more?

I realized that I was letting food control me, and Dr. Harrison helped me take the control back. I was so enlightened, that it changed the way I eat, and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Carolyn, 69

During menopause and the ages of 50 to 66 years old, sad to say, I had gained 30 pounds! Always trying to lose it without success until Dr. Harrison explained the importance of life changes in eating habits particularly in the timing of my eating. SUCCESS!!! Within a month and a half, I had lost 20 pounds!!! And a year later, it is still gone!!! It was not only the changes in eating habits that changed my life but realizing that eating was like any other addiction and my mind was now reset to wanting to be healthy in my Golden Years.

Cari, 69